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    1.    Forums & Discord

       1.1.    Be respectful to others within the community. Do not flame, insult or be toxic to other members of the community.

       1.2.    Any form of doxxing or posting personally identifying information about members of the community is strictly forbidden, resulting in an immediate ban.

       1.3.    Personal insults, verbal attacks, bullying, harassment, racism, sexism are not tolerated here.

       1.4.    Disrespecting or impersonating a staff member or another community member is not allowed under any circumstances. 

    2.    In Game Rules

       2.1.    Streaming: As we welcome streamers to our server, roleplay that violates the Twitch ToS is strictly prohibited. This includes hate speech and sexually explicit content; (Twitch TOS)

       2.2.    Valuing your life: Players must always stay in character and react realistically to their surroundings. The player must value the life of their character.

       2.3.   Characters:  Keep your characters realistic. 

          2.3.1.    While military characters are allowed, special forces characters must have staff approval before being allowed to be played on our server.

     This includes, but is not limited to US Army Rangers, Delta Force, and Green Berets, US Navy Seals and SWCC, or any group falling under the US SOCOM, Russian Spetsnaz or Alpha Group, China's Snow Leopard Commando Unit, Britain's Special Boat Service, SAS or Strategic Command units, Polish GROM, France's National Gendarmerie Intervention Group, The Special Services Group in Pakistan, The Sayeret Matkal of Israel. Spain's Special Naval Warfare Force or Unidad de Operaciones Especiales , or any other unit designated as special forces.

          2.3.2.    If you are roleplaying a military character, do your research, know the basic culture of the branch of service your character originates from.

          2.3.3.    Unrealistic characters made to troll, meme, or intentionally offend players are prohibited.

          2.3.4.    Character names must be realistic. Nicknames are allowed but cannot be gamertags with numbers or X's in them or the use of 133t5p3@k/Leetspeak.

       2.4.    Bad RP: Behavior towards other players that affect the outcome of the experience of the server negatively.

          2.4.1.  Intentionally avoiding roleplay without proper IC reasoning will be considered BadRP.

          2.4.2.  Gear RP, hostilities and raiding for the sake of acquiring gear and not RP.

          2.4.3.  Behavior that can be seen as trolling or meme actions. 

          2.4.4.   Rule Play

       2.5.   Exploiting:  The abuse of exploits or game mechanics is strictly prohibited.

          2.5.1.    Any use of cheats or exploits will result in an immediate ban.

          2.5.2.    Loot cycling, duping, or glitching will result in an immediate ban.

          2.5.3.    If you are unconscious, do not force respawn. You must wait for the “You are dead” screen. This is logged and players found doing this will be caught and risk punishment.

       2.6.    Metagaming is strictly prohibited. Metagaming is the use of any external factors or knowledge that is not readily available to your character to affect the game or give yourself an unfair advantage. This includes the lore of AegisRP, there are parts that your character will not know, and will need to find out IC (In character). Other sources of metagaming are commonly stream or discord where information is found or spread ooc.

       2.7.    Powergaming is strictly prohibited. Powergaming consists of forcing an action upon someone. 

          2.7.1.    One form or powergaming is the deliberate creation of optimal characters to give yourself an advantage during roleplay or hostilities. This is why we restrict the use of special forces characters.

          2.7.2.    A player can be described as a powergamer if he or she presumes or declares that his or her own action against another player character is successful without giving the other player character the freedom to act on his or her own prerogative. They may also be a player who tries to force others to participate in unwanted role-playing. For instance, a player who unilaterally describes their character as doing something with (or to) another character that would usually require the other to play along — such as having a fight or a sexual encounter without the other player consenting or participating in said scenario.

       2.8.    Communications: 

          2.8.1.    3rd party communications are allowed whilst playing, but you MUST double mic if you are speaking into a radio in character. You must have a functioning radio on your person to use 3rd party communications in character. 

          2.8.2.    OOC communications are limited to text. To make it clear you are speaking OOC use .// or (( at the start of the message

       2.9.    Groups:


    3.    In Game Hostilities

       3.1.    Killing on Sight (KoS): is strictly prohibited on this server, except in KoS zones. 

       3.2.    Initiations: An initiation is the act of starting hostilities that could lead to combat and possibly cost the victim or the aggressor their lives or injury.

          3.2.1.    When initiating on a player, your demands must be clear and concise. You must make it clear exactly who is initiating on them.

          3.2.2.    Before engaging in combat, it is the responsibility of the aggressor to ensure that the demands were heard, and the victim must be given reasonable time to comply. 

          3.2.3.    Initiations such as “Hands hands hands.” or "Hands up or die" Are not valid initiations and considered to be bad RP. 

          3.2.4.    All initiations require roleplay. Quick robberies to collect gear are prohibited and are considered bad RP. A conversation must be had along with clear demands and consequences for non-compliance.

          3.2.5.    When initiating on a vehicle you must put out a roadblock to force the vehicle to stop and properly initiate. The aggressors must give ample time for the occupants to comply.

          3.2.6.    Aiming a weapon at another player can be taken as an initiation, thus giving the person with the weapon pointed at them rights to defend themselves. 

          3.2.7.    Aiming a weapon at someone does not grant you the right to shoot them as you have not given clear concise demands and consequences.

          3.2.8.    A player may not bait other players into initiations. Doing this is considered BadRP.     

       3.3.    Valuing your life: When engaging in firefights or other hostilities that could lead into your death, you must act realistically and value your character’s life and the lives of your allies.

       3.4.    Shared rights: If you are subjected to a hostile action where you are not the aggressor you will gain rights to defend yourself, anyone involved shares these rights which last for a total of 1 hour or until you are killed.

       3.5.    Hostages: 

          3.5.1.    Consent is required for any action that can be construed as torture, mutilation, imprisonment, or sexual scenarios.

          3.5.2.    During hostage situations, both sides need to be providing good roleplay, do not leave your hostages alone in a corner without RP nor should the hostage clam up and refuse to talk to the aggressor.

          3.5.3.    Hostage takers MUST take care of their hostages. They must have food, water, and warmth. If you are leaving a hostage, you are required to leave them with food, water and give them means of defending themselves i.e., firearm or knife.

          3.5.4.    It is the aggressor's responsibility to properly search and find the items they are looking for from their hostage, if they fail to find a firearm in the inventory or on the hostage's person, then it is their own fault.

          3.5.5.    Hostages must act realistically to the situation and always remain in character.

       3.6.    Executions: Ending another person's character should always be as a last resort. Taking the life of a character in front of many witnesses is considered an execution and results in a player character's permanent death. This is also known as a PK.

          3.6.1.    You may not shoot and kill a complying victim, even if they get mouthy, this is not a valid excuse for execution.

          3.6.2.    PKing a character requires consent, as does inflicting serious permanent damage to a character. 

          3.6.3.    If a PK happened spur of the moment or as a result of bad RP, an admin must be notified, and all parties must agree to the pk or resolve the situation ooc before rp with the characters can continue.

       3.7.     Injuries: When your character is shot during a hostile scenario and dies via in game mechanics and you must respawn, you have been left unconscious and are not PK'd. You must rp out significant injuries of your own choosing.  Your memory is intact of the incident though you are significantly injured.

          3.7.1.    Kill rights are no longer active, and any retaliation will require an initiation.

          3.7.2.    Due to the injuries your character sustained, you must wait at least 24 hours before your character can retaliate, however you can tell your allies and they have no time restriction.

          3.7.3     Gunshot wounds are significant injuries, they must be roleplayed for at least three real life days before a character can be completely healed. The same can be said for significant wounds due to infected or falling that occur through roleplay scenarios. 


    4.    Base Building

    Base building is allowed almost anywhere. Bases should be built to create your own RP environment as opposed to a place to store lots of loot. Allowing too much loot hoarding can severely impact the performance of the server. We have included a mod that has many decorations to personalize your environment. While building your base, the following rules apply:

       4.1.    High tier loot locations such as military bases, police stations, medical facilities, and KOS zones are off limits. Do not block sources of clean water or entryways to islands.

       4.2.    You are allowed a maximum 3 locks to secure your base.

       4.3.    Storage is restricted to a maximum of 5 containers per person. Groups can have a maximum of 10 community storage, 2 personal storage per person. Personal storage containers must be placed separately from the group stash.

       4.4.    Bases must be raidable, all pieces of your build must be able to be destroyed.

       4.5.    Do not glitch items into walls, tents, or storage containers. 

       4.6.    No part of the build should be floating, all bases must be realistic in build.

       4.7.    Do not stack fences.

       4.8.    Bases that affect server performance will be asked to scale down in storage or size.

       4.9.    Do not build overly large bases for small amounts of people. Nor take over large spaces such as castles or prisons if you are a solo player.


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